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On the left: the BepiColombo spacecraft, the MORE - Mercury Orbiter Radioscience Experiment - logo and team. BepiColombo is an ESA mission devoted to the scientific exploration of Mercury. Launch: 20 October 2018.


Example of Multiple Choice Test (Space Environment): download it here.

Example of Multiple Choice Test (Space Missions and Systems): download it here.


AY 2019/2020

AY 2010/2012

Range Rate Cassini Data: the file contains time in seconds past epoch J2000 and sky frequencies (Ka-band), measured by Deep Space Network antenna DSS25, during a passage of the Cassini probe. Perform a fit using the six-parameters function shown during the lesson.

Challenge 2010/2011


AY 2009/2010

Path of the sun at University of Hertfordshire's Bayfordbury Observatory