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Exams from remote


The MCT tests will be done only in Safe Exam Browser (SEB) mode. Make sure your computer is ready with the app installed! 

Preliminary steps

a) Download Safe Exam Browser (SEB) (https://safeexambrowser.org/download_en.html - english) and install it on your computer. Please see below for SEB configuration instructions, in case of problems.

b) Download and install Zoom (https://zoom.us/download) for your computer (this will enable the computer camera while using SEB).

c) Download Google Meet on your second video device (smartphone, tablet, laptop, …), and test it.

d) Test the connection and the functionality of the platform https://exam.net by using the test exam key that you received for the mock test (to be inserted in the login page of the exam.net platform).

On the day of the MCT 

1) Check that you have received by email the invitation to the Zoom and Meet virtual rooms. It will be sent via Infostud mail the day prior to the exam. The unique exam key (different from the test key indicated above), will be communicated in the Zoom virtual room on the day of the MCT. You are advised to write it down on a piece of paper, because when you are in exam.net you will loose control of your computer and you can only interact with the exam.net webpage! (You must be in the Zoom virtual room prior to entering exam.net!)

2) Place your computer such that you will face a wall and your shoulders will be toward the door. Your desk must be clean from any unnecessary object. You are allowed a pen and a sheet of paper.

3) Use the link provided in the invitation email to enter the Zoom waiting room ten minutes before the scheduled time of the exam. Join with your first and last name (e.g. “Giovanna Rossi). Students using nicknames or other phantasy names (e.g. "Strongmen", "Alfredina", ...) will not be admitted. Enable your camera and mute your microphone. When your professor will admit you to the virtual room, you will see him and he will see you. 

4) Activate also your second video device (a smartphone or tablet) and connect it to the Meet virtual room that has been assigned you using the invitation link you have received by email. Mute your microphone and turn it on only during the test! (There will be up to eight students and the surveillance people in each virtual room.) Place the second video device in a location or support such that your hands, your face and the space behind you will be visible. Do this prior entering any virtual room! If the position is unsatisfactory, you will be asked to move the device (but this should not happen if you did everything well in advance - you can do this also the day before.) The second video device must not have the computer screen in the field of view. It must be placed on the side of the main screen.

5) Your professor will give general information on the procedure and answer questions.

6) Your professor and his collaborators will proceed to the identification of each student using the document uploaded on Infostud (Sapienza student card or preapproved ID) or the document previously sent to the teacher (if you do not have anything on Infostud). You will be asked to turn the secondary device  in order to show the room, in particular the door location, and the second video device. This step requires that the student enters a privete room whose link will be provided in the email. After identification, the student must reenter the previous Meet room.

7) Take the test. Turn on the microphone of the second video device. On your browser go to https://exam.net, choose “student” and type in the unique exam key that you have received in the chat of the Zoom virtual room. Provide the required information (first name, last name and student ID). You will be then placed on a waiting lobby until I open the exam.

8) When I open the exam, the MCT will appear on your screen. Please enter your answers to the MCT as in the following example:





This means that you are providing answer b to question 1, answer c to question 2, no answer to question 3, answer a to question 4, etc.

IMPORTANT: You must enter all numbers in sequence! Even if you decide not to answer a question, write the question number anyway (as 3- above). Note that there may be only one question at a time appearing on your screen. Scroll down to get to the other questions.

There is a timer indicating how much time is left. The duration is 20 minutes.

9) When the timer goes to 0, I will close the exam and force the submission of the MCT. Do not exit the exam.net platform until I force submission. Stay on the Zoom virtual room in case your professor needs to communicate something.

Final remarks

a) If for any reason the connection drops (exam.net, Zoom or Meet, any of them!), you may not reenter the room and the exam will be invalidated.

b) Remember that only your professor and the exam board can record the session (and destroy it as soon as the exam is registered on Infostud). Every other recording is a violation of the law and may be prosecuted according to the Italian legislation. 

c) The room’s door must be closed and no other person except you can be room during the exam.

d) The result of the MCT will be published on the teacher’s website about 1-2 hours after the completion of the MCT.  The outcome of the MCT will be communicated by the professor’s assistants in one of the Google Meet virtual room (see email) to all students who took the test, approximately 1-2 hours after the MCT. Missing the virtual room implies that the proposed vote is rejected. You must state your intention (or refusal) to take the oral exam.


Instructions for SEB installation and configuration (kindly provided by E. Uygur)

Use these in case of problems, especially with older versions of your OS).


1) Install Safe Exam Browser on your computer

2) Search for "SEB Config Tool" on your computer

3) After opening "SEB Config Tool", go to tab "General" at top of the page

4) Replace "Start URL" part with "https://exam.net"

5) Go to "Use Settings" tab on the top of the page6) Click "Apply and Start SEB" (Or after completing step 4, you can directly press F5 instead of step 5 and 6)

The procedure to install SEB are available also at https://support.exam.net/#/high-security



We will follow the rules set by Sapienza, using the combination of Zoom (for the main computer) and Meet (for the secondary device. Operational details (links, etc.) will be provided by email.


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