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On the left: the JUNO mission (NASA) was launched on 5 agosto 2011 e and it will be orbited around Jupiter in 2017. Its main purposes are the study of the atmosphere and of the interna structure of the planet. On the centre: artist view of the Cassini and Huygens probes at Saturn. On the right: Saturn almost at equinox, as seen from Cassini (ISS Cassini).




NEW: Examination dates (winter 2018):

Space Missions and Systems / Space Environment and Instrumentation / Space Environment:

- 8 January 2018

- 2 February 2018 

(In boldface dates already listed on Infostud.) 


General Information: Usually the examinations start at 10 AM, in my office. Tentative schedules/calendar of the exams will be posted one day ahead the published date, on this web site. If you have special needs concerning the schedule, please send me an email

Space Missions and Systems: For students who successfully passed the two home tests, the examination consists in a standard Q&A interview of approximately 30 min. For students who did not pass both home tests, the examination is a thorough oral test (approximately two hours) on all the topics addressed in the course. 

Space Environment ad Instrumentation, Space Environment: The examination is a standard Q&A interview of approximately 45 min. Students who wish to do so may bring a short presentation on a topic related to the space environment.

Saturn storm close up