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On the left: the JUNO mission (NASA) was launched on 5 agosto 2011 e and it will be orbited around Jupiter in 2017. Its main purposes are the study of the atmosphere and of the interna structure of the planet. On the centre: artist view of the Cassini and Huygens probes at Saturn. On the right: Saturn almost at equinox, as seen from Cassini (ISS Cassini).

Theses and Stages

This section advertises opportunities for stages, internships and theses.

ESA-ESRIN: The Future of Large Space Systems A case study on Copernicus Space Component evolution (ing. G. Filippazzo). 

ESA-ESRIN: Large Space System Requirements Coordination and Traceability A case study of the Copernicus Space Component System Documentation Tree (ing. G. Filippazzo).

NGC 4449: Star Stream for a Dwarf Galaxy